M&L Designs...Manifest Life's Destiny with an enlightened style

M&L Designs was a 20 year dream in the making by Marcia Tinoco, the founder of M&L Designs. This phenomenal woman is a mother of four, teacher, healer, and psychic medium. She is a natural born ambitious designer. She was holding onto her dream since graduating from FIDM in 1992 but had to put her passion and plans on hold to be there for her family. She has been serving in the educational field for last 20 years. In 2012 her life changed in so many ways. She had an awakening and has gone through a healing of her soul and began to question her life’s purpose.

M&L Designs  infuses street wear with a personal message/identity of spirituality. The messages are expressed by the customers. Let’s say you strongly believe in HOPE. You live by it, you breath it, you share it and you want others to embrace it. Well that’s where Marcia’s fashion comes into play. When you have “Hope” today and you want to share hope with others with your message of “Have Hope,” then you would wear MLD’s Intention T-Shirts. By doing so, “Hope” is your word/mantra for the day and not only can it be yours, but you can share it with others by having it on your back so when a passerby see’s your shirt it reads “Have Hope...” The word hope is yours as indicated on the front, however unbeknownst to others you are spreading hope and sending hope energetically to those reading the message on the back of your shirt.

Through this healing she found her true passion again and new gifts that laid dormant for over 20 years. Her awakening led to the development and creation of a new clothing line with a holistic purpose. Her whole premise for this clothing line is to share her new learning from the universe and her healing process. She brings a new type of clothing that is classic with sincere messages of inspiration to help others find their passion and pursue their dreams. Through her clothing line she hopes her customers will be present in their space, own their feelings, and despite any negative situations stay positive and use their innate abilities to inspire others by sharing a positive message.

The company has become a family affair; in the past two years Marcia and her two daughters have been evolving spiritually and with their personal gifts, and transcendent awareness, they are here to share it with the world through their clothing line. This amazing line has sparked interest with her two daughters and now Marcia heads the spiritual wear designs, Chanel (age 16) heads the urban spiritual designs, and Ireland (age 15) heads the pet clothing designs. She hopes to teach her children to pursue their dreams faster and be an entrepreneur while doing so!