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Ashoka Chakra Mat

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Ashoka Chakra crystal grid mat. The mat is made of muslin and has a vinyl print of the grid.
Mat measurement is 12"x12" 
The Ashoka Chakra is the depiction of the “Dharmachakra”; represented with 24 spokes. Ashok Chakra is also called the wheel of duty. These 24 spokes represent 24 qualities of a person.
In other words these spokes can be termed as the 24 religious paths made for humans. All the paths mentioned in the Ashok Chakra will lead any country on the path of progress. 
1. The first Spoke:-    Chastity (inspires to live a simple life)
2. Second Spoke:-     Health (inspires to be healthy from body and mind)
3. Third Spoke:-        Peace (To maintain peace & harmony throughout the country)
4. Fourth Spoke:-      Sacrifice (To be ready for any sacrifice for the sake of the country and society)
5. Fifth Spoke:-              Morality (To maintain high morality in the professional and personal life)
6. Sixth Spoke:-             Service (Ready to serve country and society when needed)
7. Seventh Spoke:-        Forgiveness (A feeling of forgiveness towards humans and other creatures)
8. Eighth Spoke:-           Love (feeling of love towards country and all other creature of the God)
9. Ninth Spoke:-             Friendship (To have cordial relation with all the citizens)
10. Tenth Spoke:-          Fraternity (To develop a sense of brotherhood in the country)
11. Eleventh Spoke:-       Organization (Strengthening the unity and integrity of the nation)
12. Twelfth Spoke:-         Welfare (Participation in welfare activities related to country and society)
13. Thirteenth Spoke:-    Prosperity (Actively participate in the development of the country)
14. Fourteenth Spoke:-   Industry (To assist the country in its industrial progress)
15. Fifteen Spoke:-              Safety (To be always ready for the protection of the country)
16. Sixteenth Spoke:-          Awareness (To be aware about the truth and don't believe in rumours)
17. Seventeenth Spoke:-     Equality (Establishment of a society based on the equality)
18. Eighteenth Spoke:-       Artha ( Optimum utilization of money)
19. Nineteenth Spoke:-       Policy (To have faith in country's policy)
20. Twentieth Spoke:-             Justice (Talking about justice for all)
21. Twenty-one Spoke:-          Co-operation (working together)
22. Twenty second Spoke:-      Duties (To obey your duties honestly)
23. Twenty-third Spoke:-         Rights (Do not abuse your rights)
24. Twenty-Fourth Spoke:-      Wisdom (To have knowledge beyond books)