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Fire and Ice "Crackle" Quartz Lemurian Crystal Points


Fire and Ice "Crackle" Quartz Lemurian Crystal Points

This Listing is for ONE (1) Cracked Lemurian Quartz - You CHOOSE your Stone SIZE.

STOCK PHOTO. Each generator will vary slightly in size and in color due to being nature made!

These beautiful pieces come in 3 different sizes: Small, Medium, or Large.

Clear quartz is the most versatile crystal available. Being a stone of white light, it brings spiritual awareness to the user and aids in communication with the spiritual realm. Clear Quartz also amplifies the energy of all other crystals and works in harmony with them and the user, connecting all beings together as one. The healing properties of Clear Quartz are magnificent and these crystals are perfect for creating energy grids and layouts. This cracked clear quartz palm stone has the same effect as clear quartz but transfers the energy in all directions.

Chakra Activation: All

Physical: Nervous system support, aids in all crystal healing work

Emotional: Intensifies feelings and heals the emotional body

Spiritual: Enhances clarity and supports communication with angels and guides