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  • Merkaba- Metatron's Cube Mat

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    Metatron's Cube crystal grid mat. The mat is made of muslin and has a vinyl print of the grid.

    Mat measurement is 12"x12" 

    One of the most fascinating aspects of sacred geometry is the symbol known as Metatron’s Cube. So who is Metatron? If you investigate, Metatron was an archangel who was mentioned in Islamic, Judaic and Christian medieval mythologies. He was considered to be the scribe of God, this would make him the equivalent of the ancient Egyptian scribes of the gods known as Thoth. According to legend a scribe of God would understand the basic principles of creation which are almost always associated with sacred geometry. Many times the Archangel Metatron is pictured with or holding a cube. 

    The graphic known as Metatron’s Cube didn’t show up until later when a Medieval Italian Mathematician Leonardo Pisano, discovered Metatron’s Cube. He read the history and legends of Metatron and was also familiar with sacred geometry and was probably an initiate in one of the schools that held those secrets. 

    Metatron’s Cube traces back to nature's first pattern, and the 13 circles that are found inside the fourth circle in Nature’s first pattern. When you connect the centers of all the 13 circles, you get the shape known as Metatron’s Cube. Leonardo Pisano also discovered that you could create all 5 of the platonic solids within Metatron’s Cube. Metatron’s Cube is a transcendental form and beautifully illustrates the mental universe through the unfolding of 2-dimensional realities into 3 dimensional realities 

    The Hermetic axiom reads “all is mind, the universe is mental” and Metatron’s Cube is teaching us about this conceptual mental nature of the universe and the current experiments in quantum physics are also teaching us this exact same thing. Without first being a conceptual equivalent in consciousness nothing could exist. Sacred geometry is the creator’s conceptual architecture on which all things precipitate.