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  • My Little Pony Sweetie Belle with Crystal Mane- 2009 G3.5 McDonalds

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    This listing is for (1) My Little Pony Sweetie Belle with Crystal Mane- 2009 G3.5 McDonalds by Hasbro


    This is Sweetie Belle, from what is considered to be the Generation 3.5 (aka New Look) My Little Pony line. This one is one of the 2009 McDonalds Happy Meal toys. She is approximately 2 1/2 inches tall, and comes as shown, loose with no accessories. 


    This is an original 2009  vintage My Little Pony that has been lovingly cleaned, restored and recycled into a crystal pony!  Sweetie Belle is almost 13 years old!! This particular pony is recreated with beautiful new aura quartz, amethyst crystals  and flowers along the mane. She has white body with a purple  plastic tail, purple eyes, and a Purple Heart on her right hip and accented with glitter to give a little sparkle. Because these are vintage toys that were previously played with - they naturally can come with some signs of wear. This little pony has a sweet surprise on 4 hooves, you find them filled with fluorite crystal chips to bring in that magical essence. Sweetie Belle is in great shape with bright, perfect eyes! You will receive this exact pony pictured.


    This custom pony has thoughtfully been given new life and is ready to be loved and cherished again and make great gifts for those of us nostalgic for these coveted toys from our childhood, as well as crystal lovers/collectors and anyone who just loves equestrian elementals.


    This is a McDonalds Happy Meal Rainbow Dash from the My Little Pony series that was distributed from October 23 - November 12, 2009. It is in great condition.

     *Due to the customization on this pony - it is no longer suited for small children.