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  • Sri-Yantra Mat

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    There is only 1 item left in stock.
    Sri-Yantra crystal grid mat. The mat is made of muslin and has a vinyl print of the grid.
    Mat measurement is 12"x12" 
    The Sri Yantra diagram is formed by 9 triangles that surround and radiate from the central (bindu) point. These nine triangles are of various sizes and intersect with one another. In the middle is the power point called bindu, visualizing the highest, the invisible, elusive centre from which the entire figure and the cosmos expand. The triangles are enclosed by two rows of lotus petals, representing  creation and vital energy. The broken lines of the outer frame represent a sanctuary with four openings to the regions of the universe.
    This powerful symbol can help you solve  all your problems and clear all negativity in your life.  When someone uses the Shree Yantra he can achieve a higher level of consciousness and begin to create his own reality. Using this symbol will bring peace and harmony into your life by clearing your path from all the obstacles. It gives you energies to go beyond your limitations and fears.
    This ancient symbol is very powerful because it was built with Sacred Geometry allowing it to clear the fog that surrounds a persons life.  Shree Yantra is the source of pure energy. Meaning, it is highly sensitive and has magnificent magnetic powers. This symbol is said to be a divine store-house of energy which picks up particular cosmic waves emitted by the planets and other universal objects. It transforms these waves into positive vibrations which are then transmitted to the surroundings where the Shree Yantra is placed, cleaning all energies of negativity.