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  • Vesica Piscis Crystal Grid Mat

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    There is only 1 item left in stock.
    Vesica Piscis Crystal Grid Mat

    Muslin 12"x12" mat

    Vesica Piscis is a mathematical shape formed by intersecting two identical circles so that the center of each circle intersects the perimeter of the other. The vesica piscis is commonly used for Venn Diagrams and in various art and in seals organizations. 

    Various other symbols can be derived from the vesica piscis including the Ichthys, also known as the “Jesus Fish”, the triquetra symbol, and the Reuleaux triangle. It has also been a symbol used by Freemasons for many years. Historically, the vesica piscis has been used as a system of proportions for architecture, illustrated in the works of Vitruvius.