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  • White Crystal Pony- Remco 1984 Vintage Collectible

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    Experience Nostalgia and Crystal Magic with our White Crystal Pony - Remco 1984 Vintage Collectible, lovingly repurposed with a stunning crystal mane.

    Relive the charm of the 1984 Remco Vintage Collectible line with our exquisite White Crystal Pony. This vintage pony, measuring 3.5" in height and 4" in width, has been meticulously cleaned, restored, and transformed into a captivating crystal pony. Her original Snow Pony design from 1984 has been enhanced with a beautifully crafted mane made of Clear Aura Quartz, Blue Aura Quartz, and delicate flowers. The crystal tail, adorned with tastefully accented flowers, adds an extra touch of elegance to her appearance.

    Key Features:

    1. Retro Vintage Collectible: This White Crystal Pony is an original 1984 Remco Vintage Collectible, which adds to its unique and nostalgic appeal. Our team has lovingly restored and repurposed this pony, ensuring that it retains its original charm while incorporating the enchantment of crystal elements into its design.

    2. Crystal Mane and Tail: The mane of this pony has been carefully crafted using Clear Aura Quartz and Blue Aura Quartz crystals, infusing it with the energy of clarity, harmony, and spiritual connection. The addition of delicate flowers adds a touch of whimsy and beauty. The crystal tail, combined with tastefully accented flowers, completes the pony's transformation, creating a visually captivating and unique piece.

    3. Perfect for Collectors and Crystal Enthusiasts: Whether you're nostalgic for the cherished toys of your childhood, a dedicated collector of vintage items, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of equine elementals and crystals, this White Crystal Pony is a perfect addition to your collection. Its solid footing ensures stability, making it ideal for desk decoration, crystal displays, or as a charming accent in your meditation space.

    Please Note:

    • Authentic Vintage Pony: This White Crystal Pony is an original retro 1984 Remco Vintage Collectible that has been given new life through restoration and customization. As a result, minor signs of wear may be present, but overall, the pony is in excellent condition with no wear signs on the eyes or cutie mark.

    • Customization and Age Recommendation: Due to the customization process, this pony is no longer suited for small children. It is recommended for older collectors, crystal enthusiasts, and those who can appreciate the unique craftsmanship and nostalgic value of this special piece.

    Rediscover the joy of vintage collectibles and embrace the magical allure of crystals with our White Crystal Pony - Remco 1984 Vintage Collectible. This repurposed pony combines the charm of the past with the beauty and energy of crystals, creating a truly special and cherished item. Order now and add a touch of enchantment to your collection or surprise a loved one with a nostalgic and unique gift.

    Note: The pony you receive will be the exact one pictured. Each pony is individually customized, and the crystals used may vary slightly, ensuring that each pony is a one-of-a-kind treasure.