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  • White Crystal Pony- Remco 1984 Vintage Collectible

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    White Crystal Pony- Remco 1984 Vintage Collectible~ repurposed with a crystal mane.

    This is an original retro 1984 Remco Vintage Collectible that has been lovingly cleaned, restored and recycled into a crystal pony! This Snow Pony was released in 1984 and is a smaller size - measuring 3.5"H x 4"W. Her mane is created with Clear Aura Quartz, Blue Aura Quartz, and flowers. She has a crystal tail with tastefully accented flowers..

    Because these are retro toys that were previously played with - they naturally can come with some small signs of wear - but this pony is in terrific shape showing no wear signs on her eyes or cutie mark. She's perfectly adorable! She's very solid footed (will not tip easily) and would make a perfect desk decoration or to add to your crystal collection or meditation space.

    You will receive this exact pony. This custom babe has thoughtfully been given new life and is ready to be loved and cherished again and make great gifts for those of us nostalgic for these coveted toys from our childhood, as well as crystal lovers/collectors and anyone who just loves equine elementals.

    *Due to the customization on this pony - it is no longer suited for small children.