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  • The Mandalorian Crystal “Froggy Baby Yoda” Evil Eye Sphere


    The Mandalorian Crystal “Froggy Baby Yoda” Evil Eye Sphere

    Introducing The Mandalorian Crystal "Froggy Baby Yoda" Evil Eye Sphere, a captivating addition to your Star Wars collection. This listing includes one adorable 2.2-inch Baby Yoda doll from The Bounty Collection, inspired by the popular streaming series The Mandalorian. Prepare to be enchanted by this charming Baby Yoda figurine, adorned with a crystal crown and embellished with lapis and clear quartz crystal chips lining his cape. To further enhance its mystique, Baby Yoda holds two Evil Eye spheres in each hand.

    Crafted from high-quality, eco-friendly materials, this Baby Yoda doll boasts a super cute and lovely appearance. With its endearing features, including two big round ears and an infectious bright smile, it captures the essence of the beloved "Baby Yoda" character that has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. Now, with the addition of crystal embellishments, you can bring the magic of Star Wars and the allure of crystals into your collection.

    This custom Baby Yoda figurine has been meticulously transformed, breathing new life into a cherished toy from our childhood. It has been carefully designed and crafted to delight and enchant once again. It serves as an exceptional gift for nostalgic toy enthusiasts, crystal lovers, collectors, and anyone with a passion for the Star Wars universe.

    Please note that due to the customization process, this Baby Yoda figurine is no longer suitable for small children. It is recommended for older fans who can appreciate its unique design and take care of this special piece.

    Embrace the irresistible charm of Baby Yoda and the enchantment of crystals with The Mandalorian Crystal "Froggy Baby Yoda" Evil Eye Sphere. Add this captivating collectible to your Star Wars series, showcase your love for the Mandalorian, and indulge in the magical world of Star Wars and crystals. Get ready to relive the joy of childhood and embark on a new adventure with this custom Baby Yoda figurine that is sure to become a cherished treasure in your collection.